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Sirius Car Seat

Unrestricted travel – that’s what you can offer your little one with the Ferrari Migo Sirius car seat Isofix group 2/3 18-36kg. This padded, ergonomic car restraint system can be attached by using the car’s 3-point belt, or with the Isofix Station (sold separately).

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R1,599.00 - R2,998.00

Excluding IsoFix Base
Including IsoFix Base


The Ferrari Migo Sirius car seat Isofix group 2/3 18-36kg is ideal for all active parents who want to remain mobile while out with their baby, and give their baby plenty of comfort and security in doing so. This car seat is more than just a restraint system for the car; it makes a fantastic sleeping area for during travel, and can even be used as a carrycot for your pram.

The Ferrari Migo Sirius car seat Isofix is suitable for use as a car restraint system for children from 18kg up to 36 kg and can be used as a booster seat. This car seat was developed in accordance with technical safety and orthopaedic viewpoints. It was produced in Europe. The softly padded sleeping/seated area and ergonomic form keeps your baby from feeling fatigued in their seat on longer car journeys. The padded belts ensure your baby sits securely and comfortably in their car seat. You can attach the car seat into your car using the car’s three-point belt. Alternatively, you can use the optional, separately sold Basis Station or Isofix base station Solar. The latter allows you to rotate the car seat to one side, which makes it significantly easier to seat your child in it.


Description special features

  • Car seat
  • Car restraint system
  • Travel system
  • Sleeping space while travelling (for short journeys)
  • Developed in accordance with technical safety and orthopaedic viewpoints
  • Produced in Europe (France)
  • Softly padded belt system
  • Special feature: Seat surface can be adjusted into a flat sleeping position
  • Attachment method: Using 3-point car seat belt
  • Sold separately: Base station or Isofix base station Solar

Additional information

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Excluding IsoFix Base, Including IsoFix Base


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