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With this trendy Ferarri F11 buggy extra lightweight compact, your baby will feel like a racing driver from the very start. The backrest is adjustable, meaning your baby can choose to sit up and observe the world around them, or lie back and sleep as this Formula 1 car zooms through the streets. The 5-point belt system guarantees a secure drive, even if you have to steer the buggy around sharp corners from time to time.




From 6 – 36 months of age, your baby can happily ride along in the Ferarri F11 buggy extra lightweight compact. This buggy’s rotating front wheels make the buggy simply glide over any surface. These wheels also lock into place, however, should you or your baby want to take a short break.

While out shopping, you can store your shopping bags in the large basket underneath the buggy’s seat. The Ferarri F11 buggy’s ease of use will astound you the most. With just a few movements of the hand, you can fold the buggy and store it in any car boot. Its lightweight aluminium construction is the primary reason for its feather-light weight of just 4.8 kg. This makes it ideal for plane travel.

The Ferarri F11 buggy extra lightweight compact impresses with its snappy design, in the unmistakable Ferrari colours.

Description special features

  • Extra-lightweight construction
  • Folds into a small size – ideal for trips and holidays
  • Seat adjusts for 6 – 36 month-old babies
  • Adjustable hood
  • Rotating front wheels
  • Lockable back wheels
  • 5-point belt system
  • Made from durable polyester


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